Spider Vein Treatments

Even though many ads promise to eliminate spider veins with vitamins, topical ointments and creams or dietary supplements, studies to support these claims are scarce.

Currently the only effective method for getting rid of reticular and spider veins is through their destruction or elimination.

For considerations of effectiveness and safety, sclerotherapy is considered the best treatment option for spider veins and the small blue veins of the legs.  Facial spider veins and telangiectasias are best effectively treated with the use of Veinwave™.

Most patients need 2-3 treatment sessions.  Each session resulting in at least 50-60% improvement compared to before.  At the end of the treatment plan most patients can expect 80-90% clearance.

Sclerotherapy and Veinwave™ treatments do not cure the condition.  They do not stop your body’s predisposition to make new spider veins in the future.  Most patients schedule periodic visits to maintain optimal results.